T.L.C. – Teen Learning Contract

Beginning this fall, Yachad Religious School  is launching an exciting new upper school for students in grades 8-12 called “TLC”. TLC stands for Teen Learning Contract.

The majority of teens today want the opportunity to understand the relevance of Judaism to their lives.  They are a generation uniquely marked by the fact that they can customize all aspects of their lives, school, sports, online social networking, and extra-curricular activities. Why should their Religious School experience be any different?

Yachad’s Director of Education, Abi Taylor-Abt  has been working to design a dynamic structure for our students allowing them to find a Jewish curriculum to suit their specific needs. “TLC ” offers the opportunity for our 8th-12th grade students to connect to Judaism, their friends and their communities whilst still continuing their formal Jewish Education. Yachad TLC aims to give each of our students on an individual basis, the skills they need, to become active Jewish adults.

“TLC” is dramatically different than our previous religious school composition. “TLC” offers classes with a program structure that is versatile due to modular programming and stand-alone classes. This takes into consideration our teens’ school and extracurricular schedules to enable more students to participate.

We hope that by offering an adaptable program, our students will stay engaged in Jewish learning until they graduate from high school and throughout their lives. In addition to a number of mandatory core classes, “TLC” allows students to select their classes from a range of diverse topics. These challenge our youth, to use Jewish values and concepts to wrestle with issues confronting them as teens, and with events happening in the world.

We look forward to studying with your child this coming year!

Fore more info on the TLC program and what classes are on offer, click here.

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